Entry Requirements:

For Demonstration Classes, the following target ages apply:


Target Age
Demonstration Class Level 1 2.5 years to 3.5 years
Demonstration Class Level 2 3.5 years to 5 years


For reasons of safe dance practice, candidates’ age must meet the minimum age requirement for RAD examination. The RAD policy on minimum age is as follows:

  • For General/ Vocational Graded Examinations that take place between May and June in Hong Kong, all candidates MUST have reached the minimum age by 31 December in the year which they take the examination.
  • For General/ Vocational Graded Examinations that take place between October and November in Hong Kong, all candidates MUST have reached the minimum age by 31 December in the year in which they take the examination.


Age Requirements
General Graded Examinations
Pre-Primary in Dance 5 years and over
Primary in Dance 6 years and over
Grades 1 – 5 7 years and over
Grades 6 – 8 11 years and over
Discovering Repertoire
Level 2 – 4 12 years and over


Age Requirements
Vocational Graded Examinations
Intermediate Foundation (optional) 11 years and over
Intermediate 12 years and over
Advanced Foundation (optional) 13 years and over
Advanced 1 14 years and over
Advanced 2 15 years and over
Solo Seal 15 years and over

For Vocational Graded Examinations, candidates should pass the Examinations in the order shown above, but does not need to take Foundation examinations, as these are optional. Candidates entering for the Solo Seal must have achieved Distinction in Advanced 2 examination.

Examination and Registration Timetable

The RAD examinations take place twice annually. All Grades Examinations except Solo Seal held in Approved Examination Centres (AEC) are referred as ‘AEC Session’. All Grades Examinations held in RAD Approved Venues (RAV) are referred as ‘RAV Session’.

All entries must be submitted via RAD Online Exam Entries.  Please see the school registration instructions in the Application Guidelines for RAD Online Exam Entries which are available in the Members’ Area.

Candidates can ONLY be entered by RAD Registered Teachers or by the Principals or Administrators of RAD Registered Schools which employ or contract RAD Registered Teachers. NO private candidates are allowed to enter themselves.

Registration for the examinations in May to June takes place in December while that for the examinations between October and November takes place in June.

The examination and registration schedule in the year 2024 is as follows:

Examination Session
Examination Formats
Examination Period
Registration Period
May – Jun 2024
Filmed Examination at AEC /

Live Examination at AEC /

Live Examination at RAV

1 May – 16 Jun 2024   18 Dec 2023 – 16 Jan 2024


Examination Session
Examination Formats
Examination Period
Registration Period
Oct – Nov 2024
Filmed Examination at AEC /

Live Examination at AEC /

Live Examination at RAV

1 Oct – 12 Nov 2024 19 Jun – 17 July 2024


More than one examination format can be selected in the same examination session. A separate exam entry must be submitted for different examination format.


No alteration to the examination format or examination session is allowed once online application is submitted.

The registration fees for the examinations in the year 2024 are as follows:


 RAV (HK$)
Demonstration Class Level 1 368 (per candidate)  588 (per candidate)
Demonstration Class Level 2 368 (per candidate)  588 (per candidate)



Approved Examination Centre (AEC)/ Levels Examination

Class Award (HK$)

Solo Performance Award (HK$)
Member Rates (HK$) Full Rates(HK$)
Pre-Primary in Dance  — 623
Primary in Dance 800 701
Grade 1 872 756 701
Grade 2 934 827 773
Grade 3 1068 920 843
Grade 4 1160 1013 934
Grade 5 1323 1111 1019
Grade 6 1458 1217 1098
Grade 7 1500 1261 1177
Grade 8 1558 1309
Intermediate Foundation 1570
Intermediate 1628
Advanced Foundation 1613 2525
Advanced 1 1670 2589
Advanced 2 1728 2641
Discovering Repertoire Level 2 636 496
Discovering Repertoire Level 3 721 580
Discovering Repertoire Level 4 808 666

*Minimum fee payable if examining time less than three hours: HK$18,000


RAD Approved Venues (RAV)/ Levels


Class Award (HK$)

Solo Performance Award (HK$)

Member Rates (HK$)

Full Rates (HK$)

Pre-Primary in Dance 827
Primary in Dance 1013 914
Grade 1 1076 969 914
Grade 2 1197 1041 984
Grade 3 1267 1133 1055
Grade 4 1345 1217 1139
Grade 5 1508 1316 1232
Grade 6 1622 1430 1311
Grade 7 1657 1472 1390
Grade 8 1705 1515
Intermediate Foundation 1721
Intermediate 1757
Advanced Foundation 1775 2689
Advanced 1 1811 2731
Advanced 2 1862 2775
Solo Seal 2207 3121
Discovering Repertoire Level 2 808 666
Discovering Repertoire Level 3 891 750
Discovering Repertoire Level 4 978 837


Fees paid are NOT refundable and are NOT transferable from one examination to another or from one candidate to another or for any other purpose.

If a candidate is absent from the examination because of illness, application for half refund of the examination fees can be made in writing within two weeks from the date of examination upon presentation of original medical certificate issued by a registered doctor. No application will be accepted after the deadline.

Examination Results and Certificates:

Results will be issued via the applicant’s RAD online exam entries account after the end of the examiner’s tours. RAD sends result forms. certificates and medals (if any) directly to the exam entries applicants.

Certificate Replacement Services:

Replacement fees set by RAD for 2024:

Replacement of Certificate/Result Form HK$255 each
Replacement of Demonstration Class Certificate HK$128 each
Replacement of Medal/Bar HK$120 each

Please follow the below application procedures:

  1. Complete the application form on RAD website. (Click here for the application form)
  2. Return the original certificate(s)/medal(s) (if any) to RAD Hong Kong office during office hours (Monday – Friday 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.).

The replacement items will be ready for collection around one to two months after submission subject to the RAD replacement services and shipments. RAD Hong Kong will inform the applicant by email when the replacement item(s) arrives in Hong Kong.

Data Privacy

Personal data of applicants/candidates are used by the RAD Hong Kong and the Examination Board for delivery of examination and assessment services. Whether you provide the requested personal data is voluntary. However, if you fail to provide all the data, or if any of the data are inaccurate or incomplete, the RAD Hong Kong may not be able to accept your entry or provide all or part of the examination and assessment services. The personal data submitted may also be used for:

  1. assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organisations in their admission processes;
  2. assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organisations in respect of their requests for information in granting scholarships;
  3. assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organisations to confirm the candidates’ eligibility for financial assistance or other forms of subsidization, in which case, the necessary personal data of the candidates may have to be disclosed to the concerned organisations for verification;
  4. certifying candidates’ examination results in response to legitimate requests;
  5. processing any refund or payment in relation to the examination;
  6. conducting educational research and analysis in an anonymous format in which the identities of candidates are not traceable; and
  7. marketing the services and products of the Examination Board (including examination services, courses, events, publications, and other examination materials or resources) subject to the consent of the candidates.*

The RAD Hong Kong may also transfer the personal data of candidates to third parties for use for the above purposes or other directly related purposes, including government / public organizations, schools and educational institutions, banks (for processing refund or payment), and service providers providing various administrative or technical services to facilitate the delivery of the examination and assessment services including but not limited to data punching, registration process, dispatch of examination documents, and the capture, disposal or other processing of data.

In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, access to all personal data will be made available, on payment of a fee, to anyone who can establish his/her right to be informed of such data as are retained by the RAD Hong Kong. Please also note that applicants’/candidates’ personal data/correspondence/other information received by the RAD Hong Kong may be transferred to the Examination Board concerned for delivery of examination and assessment services and for any of the above mentioned purposes or other directly related purposes. In general, upon completion of an examination or examination series and all the connecting examination services, the RAD Hong Kong will transfer all such data to the Examination Board who will then assume full control of such data. By then, applicants/candidates should approach the Examination Board direct for their personal data/information handling policies if necessary.

*If you have given consent but wish to withdraw your consent for your personal data to be used for this purpose, please send a letter of request to the RAD Hong Kong.